what is nonce words?

The “nonce ensemble” is a new music chamber group in Boston. noncewords is their blog.

as an ensemble:

nonce is an encounter with recently composed music that emphasizes the atypical and the adventurous. We present music from certain traditions of innovation and experimentation, music with complex and surprising relationships that challenge our perceptions and our listening, vital music charged with the visceral power of shape and sound. By presenting audiences with a repertoire otherwise ignored, we serve to foster an understanding of present musical thought and to shape its future. The music of nonce reflects the aims and objectives of its members: to hear the music we want to experience, and to deepen our ongoing exploration and expression of the world around us.

as a blog, noncewords is a chance for us to talk about ourselves and about what we find interesting: what we’re doing, what other people are doing, what we think you should be doing, and so on.

“Nonce words,”refer to words made up for the occasion, or “for the nonce,” words that aren’t expected to recur. This blog shall be an outpost for such utterings.


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