Chris Watford, Derek Beckvold, Diamanda La Berge Dramm, Tony Rymer (bassoon, sax, violin, cello) “(time units/wall drawing) for four instruments” Ryan Krause

Derek Beckvold (soprano sax.) “Tre Pezzi” Giacinto Scelsi

Diamanda La Berge Dramm and Anne La Berge (violin and flute) “Muffled”

Derek Beckvold, Aaron Likness and Dave Tarantino (soprano sax, piano, percussion) “Canvas” Joan Arnau Pamies

Kathryn Schulmeister, Aaron Likness, and Dave Tarantino (bass, piano, percussion) “Ficciones” Ryan Krause

Ceceilia Allwein and Ryan Krause (voice and synthesizer) “Tierkreis – Skorpio” Karlheinz Stockhausen

Chris Watford (bassoon) “Sharafuddin” Joe Maneri

Tony Rymer, Joan Pamies, Ryan Krause (percussion, strings, voices, and found objects) “Madrigada, no point 2”

Tony Rymer and Kathryn Schulmeister (cello and bass) “Postludes (hommage à A. W.)” Joan Arnau Pamies

Aaron Likness (piano) “Variaçoes de um Acalanto” Vanessa Wheeler

Aaron Likness (piano) “Collection” Ryan Krause

“Chris Watford – bassoonist” – talking, and performing “VERSUS” by Joan Arnau Pamies, at UK MicroFest 4; filmed by Suryaprabha Williams, for Microtonal Projects; screened April 1, 2011, Tate Modern, London


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