grant received

We are pleased to announce that nonce ensemble has recently been named as a recipient of one of NEC’s Entrepreneurial Musicianship grants. Just last week, the organization confirmed that composer-in-residence Vanessa Wheeler’s proposal had been approved, and that the ensemble would be allowed funding to help with logistics, equipment, media, and other expenses for its fall and spring seasons. And, just in time, as our first fall show in Providence is only eight days away!

Eva Heinstein and Rachel Roberts of the Entrepreneurial Musician Department have been supportive of nonce in their previous endeavors. Last year, nonce’s members acted as the core of Vanessa’s Composer’s Lab Ensemble, which brought composers together to present and workshop their pieces, with live ensemble realization from us and some of our friends. The support and input of the EM Department has been invaluable along the way, and we look forward to using these resources to continue to develop our group’s potential.

In further financial news, nonce recently received nonprofit 502c3 status through the organization Fractured Atlas, making us now eligible to receive tax-deductible donations. We are thrilled that these organizations have decided to support us in these tough economic times, when Arts are often hit the worst, so that we can continue to program and perform contemporary and avant-garde music to broader and broader audiences. Please, check out our Fractured Atlas page if you are interested in supporting us as well.


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